Late on Tax Return? You might be one of Charlotte's smartest people.

Before the April 17th tax deadline, there are just a few weeks left.

What do you think of that?

Let's speak if you're a late filer for taxes this year. As a result, your return will be handled as efficiently as possible.

I've put together some information for you if you're still a little worried about the deadline.

I can understand if, right now, you're feeling a little down on yourself since you haven't gathered all of your papers. We know you're worried about losing out on deductions, but you'd be mistaken - we can help.

For Charlotte taxpayers, postponing onerous tasks (like as filing their taxes) can lead to a lot of guilt.

So let's get rid of that guilt.

Then, if you don't mind,

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Is Your Tax Return Late? You might be one of Charlotte's smartest people.

“You can’t have everything… where would you put it?” -Steven Wright

Yet to file your taxes?

Or maybe you've already done it, but you're putting off another unpleasant or time-consuming chore.

Perhaps you are indeed smarter than the typical Charlotte bear.

It is true that right now, you have a plethora of options available to you. Nobody can work on everything at the same time. To avoid procrastinating is not the question, but rather how to procrastinate effectively.

There are three types of procrastination, in my opinion. If you're not working on anything, you may instead work on

  1. nothing,
  2. something less important, or
  3. something more important.

Procrastination of this type, in my opinion, is beneficial.

When he's pondering about a fascinating question, he forgets to shave, eat, or even see where he's going. Rather of being present in the common environment, his mind is occupied with a different task.

The most outstanding people I know in Charlotte are all procrastinators in this way. To get to the big stuff, they put off working on the little stuff.

What exactly is "small stuff?" Basically, work that is unlikely to be cited in your obituary.

It's difficult to predict what will turn out to be your best work at the time (will it be your PhD thesis or that detective thriller you worked on late at night? ), but there are a few things you can safely rule out: shaving, doing your laundry, cleaning the house, writing thank-you notes–anything that could be classified as an errand.

Avoiding errands to perform real work is good procrastination.

At least in some ways, it's good. People who want you to run errands will not think it's a smart idea. However, if you want to get any serious work done, you'll probably have to annoy them. If they want to perform actual work, even the most mild-mannered individuals must be merciless when it comes to avoiding errands.

If you ignore some errands, such as responding to emails, they will go away (perhaps taking friends with them). Others, such as mowing the yard or paying your taxes, will only get worse if you procrastinate. In theory, putting off the second type of errand should not work. You'll have to do whatever it takes at some point. Why not do it now, as past-due notices constantly say?

It pays to put off even those errands because genuine work necessitates two things that errands do not: large blocks of time and the appropriate mood. If a project inspires you, it can be a win-win situation to put off everything you had planned for the next few days to work on it. Yes, when you eventually get around to them, those errands may cost you more time. However, if you get a lot done in those few days, you'll be more productive overall.

So this is where we step in.

"The Ultimate Procrastination Solution," as we like to call ourselves.

Allow us to take care of the second-level responsibilities (like filing your taxes) so you can get back to writing that amazing novel.



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