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Kohari Gonzalez Oneyear & Brown provides complete financial statement audit, review, and compilation services in accordance with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). We provide services to organizations of all sizes, as well as other attestation services. Accounting is more than just processing numbers, and the first three phases in our comprehensive range of services are Audit, Review and Compilation. 

Audits, reviews, and compilations are just the beginning of our comprehensive services, which go beyond number crunching. We also offer you the benefit of our real-world skills and experience, advising you and providing insights that will be invaluable. We take pleasure in the breadth of our research: numerous hours spent ensuring that we thoroughly understand what you do, what's going on in your sector, how your competitors operate, and the technical resources that support your company's operations inform our assessments. We believe that we can only effectively and confidently provide you with knowledgeable observations and recommendations on taxes, finance, and your critical business processes if we thoroughly understand what you do.

Our approach is guided by our understanding of how critical it is for all stakeholders, including owners and lenders, to have accurate financial statements on which to trust and base their financial decisions. That's why we go to great lengths to guarantee that our reports are completely accurate, and why we spend so much time and effort crafting our client recommendations.

The accuracy and thoroughness of your data are critical for making financially sound decisions, and a thoroughly conducted and produced audit and review is one of the most important tools available. We see our role in the preparation of these documents as critical and collaborative: the better the product we deliver to you, the better the judgments you may make.

Contact us by email or phone to set up a consultation about these services or any other assistance we may provide for your company. We look forward to assisting you.

Audit Services

The highest level of financial statement assurance is an audit. An audit is frequently required by third parties such as bankers, credit grantors, and bonding agencies. Examining evidence on a test basis to support the numbers and disclosures in the financial statements, reviewing the accounting rules utilized and key estimations made by management, and evaluating the overall financial statement presentation are all part of an audit. The independent accountant's function in an audit is to offer an opinion on the financial statements' fair presentation.

Review Services

A review is frequently sufficient for a corporation and its creditors. A review is much narrower in scope than an audit, consisting mostly of client personnel enquiries and analytical techniques applied to financial data. A review can only provide you a limited amount of certainty about your financial statements.

Compilation Services

Compilation services, like review services, are completed in compliance with the standards published by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). A compilation is confined to providing data in the form of financial statements, which are the representation of management. The independent accountants do not give an opinion or provide any other type of assurance as a result of a compilation.

Attestation Services

In certain circumstances, a client may require assurance on something other than financial statements from an independent accountant. A potential buyer, for example, would seek a report on a company's valuation, or a regulatory agency might want verification that a company is following specific rules and regulations. In an attestation engagement, the independent accountant's function is to convey a judgment about the reliability of an assertion made by another party. The independent accountant, the party giving the written assertion, and the intended user of the report all agree on the procedures to be followed.


Our audit, review, and compilation services are extensive and comprehensive. As a client of KOHARI GONZALEZ ONEYEAR & BROWN, you can be certain that a skilled and experienced audit team is on your side. Why?
We pay attention to your needs and objectives to assist you in making the best decisions possible.

We're here to be the trusted advisor you have always wanted because we believe meaningful client relationships are founded on more than regulations, legislation, and paperwork.




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KohariGonzalez PLLC have been doing my taxes for at least three years! They are very professional and very kind! They explain everything and answer any questions you might have. I would definitely recommend them as they are excellent CPAs! Sincerely Ruth 

They are very professional

Ruth C

I own a small business. VERY small. And yet they treat me as if I'm on the Fortune 500. Couldn't be more satisfied.Couldn’t be more satisfied

Bill Y

Excellent customer service. They not only prepare our tax returns for business and personal but they also do our bookkeeping! We couldn't operate without them! Excellent customer service

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We began using this firm two years ago. They have been more than helpful and go out of their way to make the process of filing taxes, payroll, etc much easier. They are very thorough with everything that is done in the office. Thankful to have them doing both our business and personal filings. Thank you. Much easier

Moni C

I worked with CPA Sara Gonzalez on an intricate tax audit, and she was courteous and thorough in representing me and in working with the IRS agent to come to a reasonable resolution... Sara and her team organized my returns and presented them in a professional understandable manner, which is hugely important to overworked IRS agents. I highly recommend Kohari and Gonzalez and continue to work with them on my annual tax returns. She was courteous

Don H

They have provided me with excellent service throughout the years they have been my CPA. I started a business and their guidance has been very advantageous to my company growth and peace of mind since they not only prepare my taxes but also do all of our bookkeeping! I highly recommend them. Their guidance has been very advantageous

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