Audit Review And Compilation Services

We Provide Audit, Review and Compilation Services For Your Financial Statements And Any Other Attest Functions You May Require, Regardless Of The Size Of Your Company


Our audit, review, and compilation services are extensive and comprehensive. As a client of KOHARI GONZALEZ ONEYEAR & BROWN, you can be certain that a skilled and experienced audit team is on your side. Why?
We pay attention to your needs and objectives to assist you in making the best decisions possible.

We're here to be the trusted advisor you have always wanted because we believe meaningful client relationships are founded on more than regulations, legislation, and paperwork.

Audit, Review and Compilation Services From Kohari Gonzalez Oneyear & Brown

  • Our knowledge, skills and expertise.
  • Audit Services
  • Review Services
  • Compilation Services
  • Attestation Services

Our knowledge, skills and expertise.

Audits, reviews, and compilations are just the beginning of our comprehensive services, which go beyond number crunching. We also offer you the benefit of our real-world skills and experience, advising you and providing insights that will be invaluable.

Audit Services

The highest level of financial statement assurance is an audit. An audit is frequently required by third parties such as bankers, credit grantors, and bonding agencies.

Review Services

A review is frequently sufficient for a corporation and its creditors. A review is much narrower in scope than an audit, consisting mostly of client personnel enquiries and analytical techniques applied to financial data. A review can only provide you a limited amount of certainty about your financial statements.

Compilation Services

Compilation services, like review services, are completed in compliance with the standards published by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). A compilation is confined to providing data in the form of financial statements, which are the representation of management.

Attestation Services

In certain circumstances, a client may require assurance on something other than financial statements from an independent accountant. A potential buyer, for example, would seek a report on a company's valuation, or a regulatory agency might want verification that a company is following specific rules and regulations.

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