In Charlotte, there is a lot of focus training.

It certainly does seem like summer now that we're in June.

Summer is arrived.

The air conditioning kicks in, the days get hotter... and, if you're anything like me, "focus" becomes a goal I have to achieve. It doesn't just "happen" — especially during hot days.

It could be as simple as the fact that tax season is over and we've already moved on to year-round employment. Despite the fact that we work with our Charlotte clients throughout the year, there is something incredibly focused about the April 15th deadline (or the 18th in this case).

But, as I already stated, choose to focus is a choice. And living a life of intentionality has never been more tough, whether you're an employee, retired, a Charlotte business owner, or some other occupational expression - truly, WHOEVER you are.

Devices, screens, and the “internet of things” are all working against our minds, imaginations, and willpower. Obviously, most of that influence is positive (who doesn't like ordering meals with a click and a swipe?)... However, it should come as no surprise that our digitally-overwhelmed environment might be a little distracting.

Yes, this isn't *exactly* a financial topic, and it's certainly not about taxes. I make no pretence of being a "life coach."

However, at Kohari & Gonzalez PLLC, we like to think of our function as more than transactional. We're on your side when it comes to making financial decisions of any kind - and this one can undoubtedly be a financial drain.

So, once again, choose to focus is a choice. And here are a few factors that could be affecting your chances.

In Charlotte, there is a lot of focus training.

“What’s right isn’t always popular. What’s popular isn’t always right.” -Howard Cosell

Just because you put in more effort doesn't imply you're accomplishing anything worthwhile.

In many cases, the opposite is true.

Effectiveness does not equate to busyness.

You can find yourself "working harder" because you've slipped into a rut of low productivity and efficiency.

Recognizing how certain habits and behaviours are likely sucking all of the life-force out of your day's productivity has proven to be beneficial.

Here are four factors that could be destroying your focus training momentum as an idea starter. These may not be a problem for you, but I urge you to think about what is actually stealing your attention these days.

These aren't all just about DIGITAL OVERLOAD, either.

But they're all decisions, both the ones that are made and the ones that are avoided.

  1. Addiction to Apps

You'll never be as productive as you could be if you're constantly checking Facebook, answering or sending odd text messages, or have any social media account alerts switched on.

Remove the Facebook app from your phone as a simple approach to cut down on your Facebook usage. Even if you only access it through your browser, the extra step or two it needs can help your weaker self withstand the constant dopamine rush of social media engagement.

  1. Email Dependency

Disable your alerts here as well. When you're working on anything important, don't leave your inbox open all the time.

Because every time you press the "Get Mail" button, your brain drips small amounts of Something-Important-Is-About-To-Happen-Juice into your system (i.e. dopamine).

Except that it's almost never truly urgent. It can typically wait until you give it your whole attention.

So, give it a week and see if you don't accomplish more than you thought you could.

  1. Other People's Disasters

Aside from emergencies, send your calls to voicemail first and only return them at predetermined times (and perhaps even state those times on your voicemail greeting). This provides three immediate advantages.

To begin with, it conveys to others that you are a focused individual, which they will respect and perhaps appreciate. Second, it helps you stay focused by keeping you on goal and freeing you from unexpected distractions.

Third, you can decide whether you are the best person to handle the call or whether it should be delegated.

  1. Assigning responsibilities

As I have stated, there is a significant distinction between being busy and being productive. Do you want to discover where you're simply "busy"? For one week, keep track of everything you do every 30 minutes, every day. Then quit doing all the things that aren't helping you achieve your goals, delegate them to someone else, or hire someone to do them for you.

What are your plans for all that free time? Concentrate solely on tasks and processes that generate revenue or advance you.

More work isn't the answer to increased productivity. More attention is the key. Making a "Not To Do" List will help you reset your priorities, boost your morale, and even change your career.

Allowing your greatest energies to be sucked out of your day is a mistake.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve you and your family, and we're committed to your success. That is to say, we wish to keep you safe from everything that could harm you...


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