Three Steps to Making Your Business Meetings Go Faster

Sara F Gonzalez

I wrote last week on working less hours and putting the 80/20 hypothesis to the test in your Charlotte company work cycle. If you've had a chance to think about putting this into practice, please send us an email using the email icon in the top right-hand corner of our homepage.

On that topic, let's share some of that 80/20 riches and take a look at your Charlotte company as a whole.

Now, if you're a true "solopreneur," this may not apply to you, but I've also discovered that "pure" lone rangers are few and far between. Even as lone owners, there are nearly always individuals we need to meet and potential time vampires all around us.

And, to be clear, meetings are extremely required at times — and a company that never conducts them is unlikely to get on the same page with the frequency or efficiency that winning in 2017 (and beyond) now necessitates. It's a fast-paced market out there, guys.

But, precisely


things are moving so quickly out there, we can't let the "corporate culture" of meetings and memos override the advantage we have as a smaller, more agile organization or business.

Even within corporate culture, there is a growing body of knowledge and study on how to reduce the unproductive atmosphere of endless meetings.

So here are some criteria I've established... Let's get rid of those extra, pointless responsibilities.

Three Steps to Getting Your Charlotte Business Meetings to Be Shorter

“Prepare while others are daydreaming.” -William Arthur Ward

This will be a quickie in the spirit of what I'm writing about...

Three crucial recommendations for managing meetings – and your time.

1) Determine whether you are truly required to attend the meeting. Take a look at the agenda or find out what the meeting's goal is. “Do I


receive anything out of the meeting?” and “Do I


contribute anything to the meeting?” are two questions to ask yourself. If you don't want to attend, tell the meeting organizers and find a means to avoid it. Just go for it.

2) Attend only a portion of the conference. Find a technique to skip the second half of a meeting if the first half is relevant to you but the second half isn't. Simply do it and let the chips fall where they may.

3) Be on time and leave on time. Let the meeting organizers know that you'll be pleased to come, but that you'll only be there until the end of the scheduled time. Then arrive on time–and depart on time. Although these may appear harsh, your time is valuable. You have enough self-respect to treat it that way.


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