In Charlotte, smart financial planning is essential.

Sara F Gonzalez

Today, I'd want to talk about financial freedom in further depth (since I received some great feedback the last time I wrote about it). But before I get there, I'd like to offer you some words of encouragement. A few Charlotte residents emailed me to express their dissatisfaction with their personal situation... and that any discussion of "financial independence" seemed to them to be a pipe dream and impossible.

As is customary, I know that when a few individuals


about it, many more people


it, and I'd like to say something to you, if you fall into that category.

Don't give up hope.

It's easy to feel there's no light at the end of the tunnel when you're going through financial difficulties. But did you know that the majority of millionaires have been bankrupt at some point in their lives? (Just look it up on Google.)

In reality, it's frequently the "fire" of these trying times that serves to clarify things - and put you in a position to make wise judgments for the first time.

So, if you're under financial duress right now (and I don't mean from the summer sun), keep an eye out for benefits in the midst of suffering. I realise it's difficult — but chances are you're being reminded of what matters most... and seeing it again can frequently serve as a springboard for living the life you actually want to live.

So go ahead and do it!

Now for the fun part...

In Charlotte, smart financial planning is essential.

“There is no royal road to anything. One thing at a time, all things in succession. That which grows fast, withers as rapidly. That which grows slowly, endures.” -Josiah Gilbert Holland

Money is worthless unless you have the time and health to appreciate it. Indeed, if you must be poor, would you rather be poor now or later in life? You shouldn't have to make this decision if you plan ahead and invest correctly.

Becoming financially self-sufficient

It isn't always simple to achieve financial freedom. It requires effort and time. By wishing, you will not be able to achieve your desire. It requires action. To act, you must be fully dedicated and determined.

Examining your personal costs is one thing you can do right now. Here are some suggestions for cutting them...

* Try to live on one income if you and your partner both work. Put the money into the other.

* Establish an emergency fund, but don't overdo it. I prefer to keep a little emergency fund (one month's worth of costs) and put the rest in mutual funds. You should eventually work your way up to 3-6 months, but for now, one month would enough.

* Unless you're buying a house, never borrow money. If you must use a credit card, do it just for convenience and not to borrow. Of course, I strongly advise against utilising credit for everyday transactions. Debit cards can be used for almost any purpose where you might want or need to use plastic.

* Take care of yourself first. Invest a percentage of your monthly salary for your future every month. Again, I recommend setting this up to happen automatically for you.

The best method to achieve financial independence in Charlotte is to find extra money to invest. And cutting back on your current spending is a wonderful strategy to save money.

Yes, you can attain financial independence, but it won't happen suddenly, and it won't happen without a plan and sacrifices.

So get started right away.

I hope this information is useful!

I appreciate your faith in me and the referrals you've given me.


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