Outsourced CFO & Controller Services

Outsourced CFO & Controller Services

  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual financial reports to keep an eye on every penny
  • Precise budget development and monitoring to ensure resources are being used efficiently
  • Budget vs Actual reporting with clear, broken-down variances
  • Financial forecasting so you can prepare
  • Management of facilities and fixed assets
  • Oversight of purchasing and inventory functions
  • Keen guidance on expanding, relocating, reorganizing and funding growth

Financial Analysis

  • Model of potential for profitability improvement (product line and more)
  • Analysis of expenses
  • Study of specific costs (manufacturing equipment and more)
  • Precise industry research to perform revenue and expense benchmarking
  • In-depth evaluation of internal controls and suggestions for performance improvements
  • Financial policy and procedure development and documentation services
Financial Analysis
Strategic Financial Planning

Strategic Financial Planning

  • Specialized business and strategic plan development
  • Planning for personal finances (estate planning and tax services)
  • Turnaround and workout planning
  • In-depth analysis of business valuation
  • Merger and acquisition services including debt and equity financing
  • Planning for employee succession
  • Management of risk related to workers comp., medical, property, life

Expert Management of Capital

  • Commercial lender selection and relationship management
  • Debt negotiation with credit lines, term loans and more
  • Plans to ensure efficient use of cash
  • Precise planning to eliminate debt and refinance loans
  • Analysis of capital investment
Expert Management of Capital